Plan your holiday flowers

Plan your holiday flowers

With Thanksgiving behind us now for another year, we hope you’re not getting too stressed out in the Black Friday crowds and found some good bargains. If you’re considering bringing greenery and beauty into your life for the holiday season, read on. Now is when the season starts in earnest, and if you order your holiday flowers early, you’ll be able to enjoy the passing days to Christmas, Yule or New Year without that nagging thought that you haven’t quite done everything you need to.

A lovely sunflower arrangement from daFloresTo make it easy, we’ve set up our Christmas selections as an occasion. When you browse the country where you’ll be sending flowers, you’ll see a simple drop-down list marked Occasions. Pick Christmas, and you’ll see an array of beautiful pictures to decorate your home or delight your loved ones this holiday season. Of course, you can order any available flowers, but sorting them like this can help you.

This year we have some new, stunning arrangements that are great for romance, general holiday gift-giving, and for brightening your own home. Remember that we not only guarantee our flowers fresh for a week, we can deliver on specific dates with only a few restrictions; this means that you can order once and get Christmas flowers all through the month of December. (Advent begins on November 30 this year.)

We’re thankful that you are our customers. And it’s our job and joy to help you bring stunning flower arrangements into your home this holiday season. We know they make you happy, and that makes us happy.

So, along with making it very easy to order flowers, we have 24-hour, bilingual customer service to help you. Whether you use one of our local toll-free numbers, our online chat or email, a friendly associate is there to help you make your selections and answer all questions. That way, we’re guaranteed to deliver smiles across the miles for you this holiday season.

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