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Summer alpine flowers

Do you live near the mountains of New England, specifically New Hampshire, which is now in its brief but heady summer? One article we found suggests getting out of the house some weekend soon to check out the alpine flowers. The reason is that particular conditions last winter have resulted in a particularly good showing. Read on, and we’ll explain. Continue reading

Rare flowers in Wales

Have you ever been to Wales, in the United Kingdom? There’s a lovely peninsula there called the Gower, near the seaside town of Swansea. What with its romantic castle and the lovely green promontory and the crashing sea, the Gower is one of the prettiest places in the UK. It’s also home to the subject of today’s post, a flower that grows nowhere else but the Gower. Continue reading

Last-minute Father’s Day ideas

Father’s Day is almost upon us—it’s five days away, in fact. And, because most of our florists don’t deliver on Sundays, that gives you even less time to order your Father’s Day flowers. We therefore suggest that, if you were thinking of giving the gift of flowers this Sunday, that you hurry up and place your order. Continue reading

Flowers for National Nursing Assistants Day

National Professional Nursing Assistant Day is coming up on June 12, at the start of National Nursing Assistants Week. This celebration of caregivers and professional support nurses is an annual one, now in its 37th year. Its job is to showcase the important role such people give, whether it’s caring for the elderly or the disabled in a home, as part of support staff in a hospital, or as an in-home carer. Continue reading

Queen Elizabeth flower market

We’ll bring you a royal twist to our blog today when we tell you about a flower market in Paris that’s just been renamed Queen Elizabeth Flower Market (or, more accurately, le Marché aux Fleurs (de) Reine Elizabeth II). The Queen had been on a three-day state visit to France, mostly to take part in D-Day commemorations, and this was one of a series of honors and presentations she took part in. Continue reading

Flowery speech: Flowers in phrases

Have you ever stopped to think about how flowers have wiggled their way into the English language? There are dozens of phrases that include flowers. From a bed of roses to pushing up daisies, our blossoms are a part of life. We’ve pulled together a list of some of these phrases for your amusement. How many of these do you use regularly? Continue reading

National Rose Day and Rose Month

June is National Roses Month, and June 12th is Red Rose Day. The rose is, of course, one of the most powerful and popular flowers to send, anything ranging from a single red rose to a whole armful of the lovely blossoms. June is the month of weddings, and the month that most of these flowers come into bloom, so it stands to reason that these flowers’ celebration should fall in the same month. Continue reading

New Zealand flower shortage

New Zealanders have a bit of a problem right now. There’s a flower shortage—at least, a shortage of the kind of flowers florists use. Months of bad weather has seriously impacted the growing season on the two islands, meaning that wholesale prices have soared to only double. This is not fun if you’re a bride, a romantic, or otherwise need flower delivery out there. Continue reading