Order Early for Christmas

Order Early for Christmas

Christmas is now just around the corner. The Halloween candy is marked down 75 percent to make way for glistening tinsel and pretty ornaments. We at daFlores remind you that it’s not too early to order for Christmas. In fact, if you want to avoid disappointment, you should probably get started now.

This season is one of the busiest for florists, second only to Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Florists need to plan ahead to ensure they can meet all their customers’ needs. If you order early, they can make sure you’re included. But if you leave it until the last minute, unfortunately, the dreaded disclaimer might actually apply: “While Supplies Last.”

Flowers are a fundamental part of Christmas. Their bright colors cheer up Winter days and serve as the focal point of beautiful get-togethers. Our full range of bouquets and arrangements make wonderful gifts for a host or hostess. Just think—you don’t have to do any wrapping, and this gift lasts through a full season. And afterward, the flowers can even be composted to fuel future, beautiful gardens.

Choose red roses for a romance, pink for family and orange or yellow for friends. Select from lilies and daisies, sunflowers and elegant birds of paradise. There is literally a flower arrangement for everyone, and some come with extra gifts, such as teddy bears or bottles of wine. If not, you can customize your gift and then we’ll deliver it right to the door on the date you specify…but only if you order soon enough.

We make it very simple for you to order early for Christmas. Visit our website and pick the language and country where your flowers will be delivered. Just fill out a few details, supply your credit card number and you’re done. You can browse our Christmas arrangements or think outside the box with other selections.

For our part, we ensure that all our partner florists are experienced and not just competent, but amazing.  And now that you’ve ordered your flowers early for Christmas, you can sit back, heave a sigh of relief, and wait for the phone call telling you about the most beautiful, freshest flowers your loved one has ever received.

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