Beautiful orchids at the Pacific Orchid Expo

Beautiful orchids at the Pacific Orchid Expo

Orchids are many and varied, and some are so rare that people have paid millions for a specimen. If you’re in the San Francisco area right now, you might be able to see a few—not millions, perhaps, but hundreds of different types at the Pacific Orchid Expo. Read on and we’ll tell you a little about this special exhibition of these equally special flowers.

Tropical flowers and wine arrangementThe Expo began with a gala evening last Thursday and is held at Fort Mason. It’s a venerable institution, now celebrating its 62nd year, and includes everything from the classic Moth’s Wing orchids to Dracula, which needs high humidity and cool temperatures. The word “orchid” comes from “little dragon” and about sums up what it takes to grow them; they are notoriously finicky.

Not all orchids are just pretty to look at. Some entice gnats so that they can steal the pollen of their bodies—and then release the imprisoned bug, unlike carnivorous plants. Most orchids don’t have a strong fragrance, but the Miltonia cultivar fills a room with aroma. While these flowers are noted for being tropical, there are more than a few types that prefer the cold.

There are thousands of orchids, and in fact the orchid family is one of the biggest, with more than 26,000 species and 800 families. Mostly they are treasured for their beauty and the challenge of growing them, but some of the seed pods can be used in cooking and baking.

You can even get orchids at daFlores—our stunning Exotic Flowers arrangement features orchids, birds of paradise, gerbera daisies and more. It’s just one of many selections in the tropical flowers section. So even if you can’t make it out to San Francisco this year, you can still bring the beauty of orchids home with a door-to-door flower delivery.

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