Orchid mantis resembles flower for protection and prey

Orchid mantis resembles flower for protection and prey

It’s a weird and wonderful world we live in, but when it comes to weird and wonderful, you really can’t beat the orchid mantis. This strange and exotic bug attracts prey by resembling a flower. It’s the only critter that is known to do so. Taking the idea of a stick insect and other such vegetation-resemblers a step further, the orchid mantis simply sits there and waits for other bugs to land on it, and become dinner.

Exotic Sophistication tropical flowersScientists have known about the Malaysian creature for at least a century, but only recently have they come to believe that the flowery appearance is a way to hunt. The insect resembles the other fauna nearby, so it’s in perfect disguise. And, with further research, the biologists now studying this unusual creature think that the disguise works the other way, too—birds and other creatures that might otherwise choose the mantis for lunch think it’s a flower, and let it be.

While the first instance is rather gruesome, we think the flowers-as-defence angle is rather neat. We doubt the mantis has any warm fuzzy feelings about being protected, but we do know that sending flowers to your loved ones has a way of making them feel cared-for and loved. That’s a sort of protection in itself, because being loved makes facing the world’s trials and tribulations that much easier.

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