October flower holidays

October flower holidays

It’s that time again—we’re coming up to the month of October, so it’s time to take a look at some of the special flower-giving occasions coming ahead. First and foremost, don’t forget to send birthday flowers to your favorite October birthday people; Libras and Scorpios share this month, and flowers will always be a perfect gift. But there’s more, of course. Read on to discover…

Exotic Sophistication tropical flowersClergy Appreciation Month courses through all of October. This is an opportunity to say thanks to your favorite clergy. A gift of flowers for the church would not be inappropriate at this time.

Techies Day is October 3rd. The techies in your life might be “geeks” but they keep the lights on and your computer up and running. Also, he or she would probably be very surprised to receive flowers this Friday. Is there an IT department in your company? That’s an opportunity.

There are a couple of days in October to celebrate medical practitioners. October 6th is National Physicians’ Assistant Day. And October 8th is National Emergency Nurses Day (part of Emergency Nurses Week). Has one of these hard-working individuals gone the extra mile for you? Maybe you can repay by being kind.

Bosses Day is October 16th. If you have a boss who manages to keep the office up and running without being unpleasant, you’re on to a winner. DaFlores delivers to offices, too.

Sweetest Day is the third Saturday in October, which is the 18th this year. You can make someone’s life sweet with chocolates and flowers. We’ll have more on that later in the month.

The fourth Saturday in October is mother-in-laws day. We know, we know, she’s a dragon. Except, most mothers-in-law really are not. So, the odds are on that you can make her smile this October 25th.

Halloween caps off October and starts the holiday season. We’ll be talking more about Halloween later this month. For now, we hope you’ve enjoyed this quick look at October holidays and that it’s given you some ideas!

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