Rose Parade: Space Shuttle Endeavor recreated in flowers

Rose Parade: Space Shuttle Endeavor recreated in flowers

If you’ve ever wanted to see a space shuttle, your only recourse these days is to look in museums—but on New Year’s Day in Pasadena, there’ll be a very flowery version of The Shuttle Endeavor. For the 2014 Tournament of Roses, one of the many New Year’s Day floats will be a recreation of the famous space veseel in glorious flowers. We caught a preview of this in the news and thought you might be interested in another way in which flowers can be used to good effect.

Beautiful rosesSome 45 different floats will make their way through Pasadena on January 1. According to the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board, natural materials and flowers have been used to highlight some of the L.A. area’s most iconic landmarks. The Endeavor takes pride of place, and you can see the original at the California Science Center.

The Rose Parade was started by the Valley Hunt Club and the first one took place on January 1, 1890, which makes it a truly venerable tradition. It segues into the special Rose Bowl game, and is always a floral, colorful festival to welcome the New Year in with good cheer.

The game was started in 1902 to help fund the parade. Only when New Year’s Day falls on a Sunday is the parade not on New Year’s Day, but instead takes place the day after. Part of the original motivation of the parade was to show people the paradise of mild weather in Southern California. 700,000 or so are expected to watch the event in person; millions more will see it on TV, across the world. It is truly a great tradition.

The official theme for the 125th annual Rose Parade in 2014. is “Dreams Come True.”

Whose dreams can you make come true in 2014?

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