Should auld acquaintance be forgot

Should auld acquaintance be forgot

Throughout the year, we at daFlores make sure that auld acquaintance be not forgot, by sending thousands upon thousands of beautiful bouquets to your loved ones, colleagues and friends on your behalf. From New Year’s to New Year’s, we send flowers for all the major holidays, many of the minor ones, and many more “just because” besides.

Happy ThanksgivingThere is no reason and every reason to send professionally arranged flowers in 2014. If there is someone who needs cheering up or whom you need to thank, if you want to greet a new client or impress a long-standing one, we have the skills and resources you need. We visit all our florists individually to make sure they fit our standards and our standards, as you’ll see from our guarantee, are high.

Not only does your recipient have to be happy with the flowers, so do you. Whatever goes wrong, we’ll fix it. We have around-the-clock service and local customer service numbers in our countries, and we take customer service seriously. That’s because we know you trust us to deliver your best flowers, and we know we’ll be doing a lot more of the same in 2014. We’re glad to. It is our joy and our passion.

DaFlores is a family-owned company. We’ve been in the flower business for decades. We value family and we know the impact that receiving flowers creates. And we also know we could not do it without you. Is there some way we can help you meet your goals or your obligations in the New Year, or to make your life a little easier and more beautiful? We are all ears.

Thank you for another wonderful year. Happy New Year 2014, and we hope that it brings you every success, every joy and every bit of satisfaction that you deserve. See you in January.

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