Getting ready for the New Year with daFlores

Getting ready for the New Year with daFlores

The next two weeks are perhaps the most important planning weeks of the year. We’ve heard, over and over again, that you use the last week of December to tie up loose ends, and the first week of the New Year to make plans (we hesitate to call them resolutions; those seem to be almost universally ignored by the end of January). Is that how you divide up the next two weeks, or do you have your own rituals?

White rosesAt daFlores, we’re already in full swing for the New Year, taking New Year flower orders and getting ready to deliver them. Our customers are using such flowers for their parties and to decorate their homes as beautifully as possible as we slide from 2013 into 2014. It’s not too late to order in time for New Year’s Eve, but if that’s what you want to do, we suggest you order quickly so our florists have enough time to accommodate you.

Beyond that, did you know it’s possible to schedule flowers ahead, i.e. to plan your New Year’s flowers right through to Valentine’s Day and beyond? You can place several orders and have them delivered at your convenience, months ahead if need be. If flowers are part of your New Year’s plans, then you can take care of everything in one single session and sit back and relax for the end of the year.

To make that happen, simply browse to our website,, and pick the language and country where you’ll be sending flowers. Then look through our selection of beautiful flowers and click through to the detail page to order. Don’t forget to customize the order with chocolates, balloons or other classic gifts before you check out.

Whatever we can do to help you with your New Year’s planning, we’re on hand 24×7 by email and phone in both Spanish and English. Our friendly team is delighted to help you plan out your annual set of smiles. Happy New Year, and very happy flower-ordering!

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