Celebrate National Physicians Assistant Day with flowers

Celebrate National Physicians Assistant Day with flowers

Physicians’ Assistant Day is this October 6. PAs are often your first contact with anyone in a clinic, and are qualified to perform some procedures and assess you for referrals. They are important people in the medical trade, and chances are that you have come across one in your life. Or you might actually work in a medical office and know first-hand the role they take.

Peach rosesPhysicians’ Assistant Day is part of National Physicians Assistant Week, which runs from October 6 to 12 each year. The American Assocition of P.A.s actually has materials and information on its website to help promote what these people do and why they’re so important. There’s even a kind of flash mob in Times Square every year.

You might have a favorite P.A. that you see every time you go to the clinic. Offices and patients alike can celebrate October 6th by sending flowers to their place of work. In the United States, you can send flowers by mail with our rosesnboxes website, though you’ll still want to call ahead and make sure that the clinic will allow delivery.

P.A.s are not nurses. They are medically trained professionals who do anything from assessing you to helping in surgery. They can prescribe medication, and what they will do depends from state to state. They all gain experience and training before taking a three-year medical course to graduate.

There’s one more way you can reach out to a P.A. next week. If someone you know works in that field is currently overseas, you can send flowers to them at their hotel, home or place of work. It’s a great way to acknowledge their accomplishments and what they do for you and others on a daily basis.

Do you know any P.A.s? Will you be celebrating National Physicians Assistant Week with them?

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