National Chocolate Day

National Chocolate Day

National Chocolate Day is coming up in just two days. If you order today or tomorrow, you’ll be able to deliver flowers and chocolates just in time for Monday. (If you’re quick, you could even order on Monday; we do same-day delivery here at daFlores. So what is National Chocolate Day all about, anyway, and how does one celebrate? Read on for more details.

Chocolates and WineNational Chocolate Day is simply about celebrating what, for some cultures, was once a religious food. Many these days would say it still is, but that’s a bit tongue-in-cheek. Simply put, it’s a day to enjoy and appreciate chocolate—maybe even give some away if you’re feeling particularly generous!

If you want to impress someone, send them flowers and chocolates. Several of daFlores’ arrangements already come with chocolates incorporated, but did you know that you can add chocolates at checkout? We have a variety of add-ons that you can use to enhance and customize your hand-crafted flowers.

Plan a chocolate party. You know your friends will be all over that. Have a few non-chocolate items as the main course, but scatter the table with individually wrapped goodies, fix chocolate milk and cocoa, have a chocolate pie or cake for dessert, and indulge. Go on—just really indulge. Or you could try tasting lots of different, unusual types of chocolates (bacon chocolate, anyone), like a wine-tasting event.

Go out for chocolate fondue at a fondue restaurant. It’s pricey, but it’s always decadent, and particularly fun for a group of girlfriends—or a couple with a sweet tooth. You dip treats like fruits into the fountain of chocolate. Enjoy. If you’re turning it into a romantic occasion, don’t forget to order some flowers, too!

Interesting to note that a different National Chocolate Day has sprung up on October 28th, too. We think this is to do with Hallowee’en, of course, but since that’s a long way off and a long time to wait for chocolate, we figure that celebrating now, right now, is the best way. Don’t you?

Will you do anything for National Chocolate Day?

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