Mother’s Day in Paraguay and Dia de la Patria share a date

Mother’s Day in Paraguay and Dia de la Patria share a date

Before we get too far into Mother’s Day writing, we’d like to note that Paraguay is special. Paraguay celebrates its Mother’s Day on May 15, come what will.

Unlike other countries that tie their celebrations to a particular day, they tie theirs to Dia de la Patria, their national day or independence day. This last was supposedly to honor Juana María de Lara, who gave great service to her country as it rose up and broke free from Spain.

Beautiful tropical flowers and sunflowers for Mother;s Day in ParaguayDia de la Patria or Mother’s Day in Paraguay is on a Tuesday this week, just two days after the busiest Mother’s Day date there is, 13 May. And daFlores delivers to Paraguay. Thus, if you were thinking of sending Mother’s Day flowers or Dia de la Patria day flowers, now would be a very good time to order. All the same conditions apply; this is a very busy holiday and, the sooner you order, the less chance there is of disappointment.

Since 2008, Paraguayans have been trying to get Mother’s Day moved back to the second Sunday in May, like most of the Americas. So far, though, that has not happened. The fear is that, with Mother’s Day in Paraguay being more popular, the very important day of Dia de la Patria was somehow lost. So saying, we think it’s entirely possible to celebrate both.

Dia de la Patria calls for bold, celebratory flowers, the kind that make a statement when used as the centerpiece of a table. We recommend sunflowers and tropical flowers for this statement. For Mother’s Day in Paraguay, it’s just as easy. Go to our Paraguay page, click the Mother’s Day logo, and start browsing. This is one of our most popular holidays and, with years of experience, we know exactly how to guide you.

Whatever you choose to celebrate, both or either occasion, daFlores can help you with 24-hour, bilingual customer service both online and offline. When it comes to delivering fresh Mother’s Day flowers to Paraguay, we are the go-to source.

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