Mother’s Day in Dominican Republic is May 27

Mother’s Day in Dominican Republic is May 27

The last Mother’s Day in May is Mother’s Day in the Dominican Republic, which takes place on May 27. Dominican Republic is one of daFlores’ countries, so when you want to send Mother’s Day flowers to the Dominican Republic, we’ve got you covered.

Mother's Day flowers in Dominican RepublicSo why does Dominican Republic use 27 May as Mother’s Day? There seems to be no real reason, other than by the choice of the country. Dominican Republic is one of maybe eight countries that celebrates Mother’s Day on the last Sunday of May. Most, but not all, have some connection with France, so that’s probably the missing link.

What’s important is that you’ve got an entire month to send your Mother’s Day flowers to Dominican Republic, and we’ve got the beautiful, garden-fresh flowers your mom or the mother of your children deserves.

To order Mother’s Day flowers in Dominican Republic, go ahead and visit the special page we’ve set up on The Mother’s Day icon in the top left-hand corner takes you where you want to go (unless you’ve already purchased a plane ticket to go there in person, of course). You’ll see a wide selection of gorgeous fresh flowers that you can send to your loved one.

Remember, we hand-pick all our florists to ensure they have the experience and quality control to go with our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. We promise that our flowers will stay fresh at least a week because they’re brought in fresh every morning.

To see where we send flowers in Dominican Republic, check out our full city list. You’ll see that we cover the major and quite a lot of the smaller cities too. With our bilingual, 24-hour customer service and amazing flowers, the only place you’ll find blossoms as gorgeous as ours is to fly to Dominican Republic yourself and check out their gardens and parks.

The disadvantage? You can’t bring those to your loved ones. With daFlores, you can bring the garden home and delight your mother on Mother’s Day with delivered-to-the-door fresh flowers.

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