Mother’s Day in Costa Rica

Mother’s Day in Costa Rica is coming up on August 15th. If your mom is in Costa Rica, or you’re in Costa Rica and she isn’t, you’ll need to hustle to get your Mother’s Day flowers together in time. Fortunately, daFlores is there to save the day, and if you order now you’ll be able to make your mother or the mother of your children smile next Friday, just in time.

Mon Amour pink roses bouquetTo order Mother’s Day flowers for Costa Rica, just head to our Costa Rica page and look through the selections. The most popular flower arrangements are right there in front of you, but we also suggest looking through mixed flowers, roses, and tropical arrangements to get a sense of the full range.

After that, click through to whatever arrangement you need, fill out the order details and also customize the order with such items as wine or chocolates, and we’ll take care of the rest.

So, why is Mother’s Day in Costa Rica in August, instead of in May like so many other countries? It’s because the holiday is tied to the Feast of the Assumption, which is the day when Mary is said to have been taken up to heaven at the end of her life. This is therefore both a religious and a personal celebration—Catholicism being the country’s official religion.

Beyond that, the festival will probably look much like any other—Mom is treated to good things, taken out, and given gifts and flowers. It’s changed over the years, of course, but the core remains–a celebration of mothers and all they do.

Just remember that Costa Rica is like others in another important way; this is a huge holiday and our florists get very busy. So, to avoid disappointment, please send your Mother’s Day flowers and smiles today.

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