Mother’s Day in Bolivia: Why Mother’s Day in Bolivia is different

Mother’s Day in Bolivia: Why Mother’s Day in Bolivia is different

Now that we’ve looked at the May 13 and May 15 Mother’s Days, it’s time to skip a couple of weeks and look at Mother’s Day in Bolivia. Unusually for South America, Bolivia celebrates Mother’s Day on May 27. Why is Mother’s Day in Bolivia on that particular date, which doesn’t alter from year to year?

2012 Mother's Day in BoliviaMay 27 marks the anniversary of the 1827 Battle of Coronilla which took place during the Bolivian War of Independence. President Hernando Siles Reyes was in office when the law to proclaim May 27 as Dia de la Madre Boliviana was passed on 8 November 1927. You’ll notice immediately that it’s not just Mother’s Day: It’s Bolivian Mother’s Day. The May 27 date is both a celebration of mothers and of Bolivian national pride.

The roots of the story are a bit sadder, though. Women fighting for independence were slaughtered during the Battle of Coronilla. That’s why Mother’s Day in Bolivia is just a little different from celebrations around the world. In that country, it’s not really a day for parades and massive celebration, but of thoughtfulness and respect.

The event is as likely to be observed through school activities as it is in the streets of Bolivian cities. That’s not too different from the situation in Paraguay, in fact, but it also doesn’t mean it’s inappropriate to send Mother’s Day in Bolivia. Quite the opposite, in fact: We’ve long observed that Bolivians love to send Mother’s Day flowers to their wives and mothers on May 27!

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