7 Fun Facts about Mother’s Day in Guatemala

7 Fun Facts about Mother’s Day in Guatemala

Mother’s Day in Guatemala: Traditions, Customs & More for The Upcoming Holiday

Spring is here, which means Mother’s Day in Guatemala is quickly approaching. Don’t forget to send your mother or the mother of your children the best, most beautiful flowers available. DaFlores Mother’s Day flowers are hand-crafted by hand-chosen artisans; we personally visit all our florists to ensure they meet your exacting standards.

Beautiful sunflower delivery for springMother’s Day in Guatemala is a special holiday, possibly more so than it is in other countries throughout the world. Valuing and celebrating all types of mothers, the nation has traditions that are specific to working moms, new mamas, and older maternal figures.

How to Have a Proper Guatemalan Mother’s Day

Get to know what differentiates Mother’s Day in Guatemala from your own Mom’s Day traditions.

  1. In typical Central American style, the day often begins with loud music and fireworks – a lively celebration to say the least.
  2. Working mothers get the day off and usually gather with friends or family for a celebration. New mothers are welcomed to the club, small gifts are exchanged, and there is food and joy to go around.
  3. It’s not quite the same as when families stick with their own mothers; in Guatemala, the mothers celebrate themselves for the special role they have. This was established by law in 1968, which means that for moms, May 10th is really a public holiday. What a good idea!
  4. As a display of love, kids might sing “Las Mañanitas” to their mothers. Moms are invited to their children’s schools for a huge breakfast and a performance that could include poems and dancing.
  5. According to some Guatemalan customs, the oldest mother is called upon to speak a few words of wisdom before the group breaks up for everyone to celebrate with their individual families. Much of this tradition has its basis in the former Mayan culture, where families are not separate units, but truer of the phrase “it takes a village.”
  6. When traipsing through the streets of populated cities in Guatemala, you might come across people customizing mugs with printed pictures of their mothers.
  7. Going out to dinner is a popular tradition for Guatemala’s Mother’s Day, and of course the kids get to spend another day with mom.

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