Mothering Sunday in the United Kingdom is March 10, 2013

Mothering Sunday in the United Kingdom is March 10, 2013

Mothering Sunday in the United Kingdom is March 10. In the United Kingdom, Mother’s Day is linked to Easter, the fourth Sunday in Lent. While Easter is a ways away, the British don’t wait until May to celebrate Mother’s Day, which means that if you’re sending flowers for Mothering Sunday, you need to order them very soon.

Mon Amour pink roses bouquetTraditional choices for Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom include pale pink roses and flowers, and pastels. Of course, if the mother you’re honoring is your wife, it’s perfectly acceptable to send red, romantic roses and give your lady a romantic treat. As with other countries, you can add extras such as wine or chocolates to customize the gift the way you know she’ll love.

To order Mothering Sunday flowers, head to our United Kingdom page and browse through the categories. We have a lovely bouquet of pink roses that might suit, or you can look through our mixed bouquets for lilies and other flowers. It’s the thought that counts, and as always we bring in fresh flowers daily to delight your mom.

Please don’t wait any longer to order your Mothering Sunday flowers, as our florists over in the United Kingdom are already getting busy. We do have a generous substitution policy, but if you want your flowers to be just the way you imagined, you need, to quote the Brits, to get a move on.

If you get your order in now, we’ll provide the loveliest, sweetest flowers your recipient has ever received. It’s part of our commitment to you that we insist that both you and your loved one are delighted with your order, and if anything is amiss we’ll work with you until you’re satisfied.

Thank you for the opportunity to have daFlores provide your mom or the mother of your children with the prettiest, freshest and most beautiful Mothering Sunday flowers she’s ever seen!

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