Mother-in-Law day is October 28, send flowers to your spouse’s mom

Mother-in-Law day is October 28, send flowers to your spouse’s mom

Mother-in-Law Day is October 28 in 2012, which means you still have time to order flowers for delivery in time for Sunday. Get your order in today or early tomorrow and we can still deliver flowers on Saturday, in plenty of time for Mother-in-Law Day. If you’re not familiar with the process, we’ll guide you through in just a moment.

Tropical flowers and wine arrangementThe stereotype of a controlling, annoying mother-in-law is, we find, largely bogus. A marriage merges two families, and both take on the attitude that their son or daughter has chosen the right person and that this is a happy occasion, not time for rivalry and nonsense. When you marry, you’re usually lucky enough to gain a second set of parents, and Mother-in-Law Day acknowledges that.

From babysitting to advice and a different perspective, a mother-in-law is a big part of your married life and sending a bouquet of flowers on Mother-in-Law Day is a welcome way of showing your appreciation. You can personalize the gift with wine, chocolates and even balloons, or pick one of our ready-made baskets with gifts already included.

It’s easy to order flowers for Mother-in-Law Day. Start by visiting our homepage, then select the language you need and the country where the flowers will be sent. So long as the flowers are ordered by noon local time Saturday in the country of delivery, we can get them there on time. Browse through the sections—we suggest pink roses, mixed bouquets or tropical flowers—and choose something you think your mother-in-law will enjoy.

Then click through, add any extras you’d like, and we’ll guide you through to checkout in a few easy steps. When your mother-in-law receives her flowers, they’ll be fresh, gorgeous and guaranteed. Love and appreciation is the glue that binds families together, so why not let your spouse’s mother have a treat this Sunday and organize her a lovely daFlores flower delivery?

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