Monsoon brings second spring flowers

Monsoon brings second spring flowers

If you’re living in the desert west or southwest, the monsoon is a familiar July issue. It show up like clockwork in early July, creating heavy thunderstorms, rain, flash flood and, worst of all, humidity. But the flip side of the monsoon is that it feeds flowers—not just at this time of year, but also the water that pours in one year will produce next year’s spring flowers.

Callaway GardensUp near Tucson, Arizona, for example, the monsoon is paying dividends in high-elevation flowers. Two inches of downpour have produced columbines, flowering cacti, agave, and more. The mountains get more water, of course, so the high desert springs to life. On top of that, the brown desert becomes green, at least for a short while.

Any relief from the ordinary can be uplifting, whether it’s new flowers, greenery or a change of scene. The Catalina Mountains are home to numerous campgrounds which are now in full swing for the season. Going up the canyons to see flowers seems like a perfectly fine way to spend a good summer’s day (so long as you’re not in the middle of a thunderstorm!)

And, of course, getting up high provides cooler temperatures which are a relief from the severe summer heat. No matter where you are, chances are that some days will be just too hot, so if you get a chance to climb up and enjoy a bit of natural beauty, do so.

For some, summer is too long; in some parts of the world, it’s over in a heartbeat. Seize the moment, and enjoy any chance you can to take in an eyeful of beautiful summer flowers. And, if you can’t, then daFlores online florist can provide you with an armful of the same, any time and any day (except Sunday)–delivered around the world. Enjoy!

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