Meaning of Pink Roses

Meaning of Pink Roses

Meaning of Pink Roses by

Around 150 species of roses, in the rosa family, exist in nature. Early roses tended to be pink, white and magenta and they grow all over the northern hemisphere. It’s believed that the Chinese were the first to cultivate roses, something like five thousand years ago. The Romans also liked them, growing these flowers in the Middle East. Not only were they decorative, they were used as confetti, to brew medicine, and for perfume. Romans even started public rose gardens in the south of Rome.

Medicinal uses

In Persia, what we know now as Iran, rose oil and oil of attar were made from damask roses. These were highly sought-after commodities. The Greeks scented olive oil to use as perfume, as disease repellents and to bless their dead. Rosa gallica officinalis cropped up for the first time in the 1200s, and was turned into all sorts of powders and potions to cure all sorts of ills. (It probably didn’t do much good, but at least it smelled better than most medicine.)

Roses as money

In the seventeenth century, roses became popular enough to be counted as legal tender. They were used for rose water, perfume and just as flowers. You could actually barter with roses and pay bills with them. Josephine, Napoleon’s wife, established a huge rose garden at Chateau de Malmaison, near Paris.

What about pink roses?

Pink roses, the large blossoms that we tend to think of today, didn’t start to emerge until the late eighteenth century. Rose breeders started hybridizing natural roses to see what they could come up with. Well, we all know the answer to that one!

The color “rose” is a gentle pink. “Rosy-cheeked” implies health and vigor, and is a popular girl’s name.

Old-fashioned roses

The first modern rose is said to have been La France, introduced in 1867 (yes, it took growers that long to develop our big, stunning blossoms). La France, incidentally, is a pale pink large-blossom rose.

An Old Garden Rose is of a type that existed before that time. Damask roses belong to this class and arose as a natural cross between two species. Parson’s Pink China roses were introduced in 1793. There are many, many more varieties of pink roses, old-fashioned and modern. In more recent times, a revival of interest in these old garden roses has resulted in modern hybrids.

The meaning of pink roses

So now we come to the meaning of pink roses. They’re a gentler alternative to the passion or red roses in a romantic relationship. Pink roses speak of affection and can be sent to your beloved and also to female friends and family. Great for mom, each exquisite pink rose is a reminder of caring and remembrance. Light pink roses means gracefulness, admiration and sympathy, while you can express appreciation and gratitude with darker pink roses.  To send flowers to Lima or any other city in Latin America please visit

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