Surprise her on Valentine’s Day – get married!

Surprise her on Valentine’s Day – get married!

The City of Norwich, Connecticut has an intriguing offer: Register to get married on Valentine’s Day. The City Chambers is running its third annual mass wedding event this February 14. Couples have to register and get their $30 license in advance; the City provides a Justice of the Peace, backdrop flowers, and photographer.

If you want a no-muss, no-fuss festival for your wedding day and really want it to be Valentine’s Day, look around for special events like this. Valentine’s Day is one of the easiest days of the year to remember as your wedding anniversary and will save you tons of worry in reminders and hint-dropping.

You could even arrange something like this for your beloved, but be very, very sure that’s the kind of thing she would like. There’s nothing worse than to arrange to surprise your loved one with a Valentine’s Day wedding, only to find that she had something very different in mind!

Mass Valentine’s Day wedding events like this can be a full alternative to the type of wedding that takes months of planning, hair-pulling, family politics and stress. It’s not quite as bland as a walk-in civil wedding but saves you a lot of money and time. You can then save your money for a wonderful honeymoon or the household furniture you really want.

Once the ceremony is all squared up, you can go ahead and plan a wonderful reception in a favorite restaurant or even at home. can provide gorgeous wedding bouquets and decorations and, of course, has a huge array of beautiful Valentine’s Day flowers.

DaFlores quality means that we use only florists who’ve been in business at least ten years and who have a proven track record of customer satisfaction. And, even on one of our busiest holidays, you can be sure that the Valentine’s Day flowers you receive were growing fresh that very morning.

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