Making your loved ones loved

Making your loved ones loved

Today, September 11, is one of the saddest days in the American calendar. We all know that our lives changed that day 13 years ago; we all know that the world changed for the worse. It is a day that we approach with gentleness and compassion, and an opportunity to think about how we handle our days.

Single Red RoseLife can end in a heartbeat, for no good reason. It’s for this reason that we need to remember our loved ones and make them feel appreciated, every day of their lives. Regret is a killer; there are some words of wisdom, like “never go to bed on an argument,” that ring true. Even something as simple as a farewell kiss when you go to work is an important gesture.

We invite you to think about how to bring affection and love into your lives. Little gifts, gestures, saying “I love you” instead of just thinking it, making sure everyone who’s near and dear to you knows, without doubt, that they are loved—those are all part of it. For all that we are busy every day, taking time to phone, email or even send a postcard is the difference between keeping and losing those we love.

If you think something is wrong with one of your loved ones, ask. Maybe they’ll talk to you, maybe they won’t, but they’ll at least know you care. If you know you’ve hurt someone, swallow your pride and apologize. Maybe they will too. Maybe a dialog will start. The worst thing to do is let potential hurt fester.

Relationships are difficult and, often, messy, but they can also be the most beautiful thing in the world. We at daFlores recognize this, and hope that you will do something, anything, today, to show your loved ones that they are loved. And then tomorrow, and the day after that, and every day after that, too.

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