Keep smelling sweet with daFlores flowers, and never send a corpse flower

Keep smelling sweet with daFlores flowers, and never send a corpse flower

A corpse flower is something you’ll never see sold at—not only does it reek, it only blooms once every 15 years or so. That’s not to say that a corpse flower, amorphophallus titanium, isn’t a fascinating thing, and there’s one blooming in Boston just now in Franklin Park Zoo. It’s just that we prefer sweeter flowers.

Send flowers sweeter than this with daFlores (public domain photo via U.S. Botanical garden)The corpse flower, dubbed “Morticia” by zoo-keepers, is one of only 30 known to have flowered in captivity. Normally it just grows in Sumatra, under very picky conditions. And it’s not a stretch to think of these monsters as somehow more like animals than plants; at four feet, nine inches tall, this corpse flower looks like she’d eat you as soon as flower for you, and she smells pretty bad, too. Hence the name.

According to some newspaper reports, the corpse flower smells like dirty cat litter, rotting meat or trash. Hundreds have already filed in to take a look and sniff, with wrinkled noses. The blooming and nose assault will most likely stop tomorrow, June 21, 2012, and then it will be all over for a decade and a half.

The corpse flower in Boston is absolutely the opposite of everything daFlores tries to do, though we do work on providing a grand, spectacular experience in our international flower delivery service. We guarantee our flowers will remain fresh at least a week. We do not make you wait 15 years to enjoy the beauty of hand-crafted flower delivery (unless, of course, you’re celebrating the quinceanera).

Whether you want to send flowers to Peru or set up something stunning for an anniversary, daFlores has the sweet-smelling, lovingly crafted flowers you need. If you’re anywhere near Boston, by all means visit the corpse flower, but we’re quite sure you’ll agree than when it comes to something that lives in your home, a daFlores flower delivery is much, much better.

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