Sending bonsai to space, just-because

Sending bonsai to space, just-because

Bonsai has just gone into the upper atmosphere.

Yes, you heard that right. Japanese artist Azuma Makato has produced several beautiful bonsai trees and flower arrangements and has sent them into orbit as part of an art experiment. He and a team of 10 traveled from Japan to Nevada to send up two separate helium balloons to the very edges of our atmophere.

Single Red RoseThe balloons went up around 17 miles over the Black Rock Desert before the balloons popped and the precious cargo fell back to Earth. Makato remotely took photographs with space light illuminating the plant life, creating some really beautiful images. It’s the first time a flower arrangement has ever seen the curve of the Earth, we’re sure.

The bouquet was composed of some 30 types of flowers. The bonsai was a 50-year-old pine. While both arrangements came down by parachute, nobody has yet found them. Perhaps they will be located during the Burning Man festival in August. At least there’ll be a bunch of gorgeous photographs to remember the plant life by.

This is the same week that we celebrated 45 years since Neil Armstrong and team’s first steps on the Moon. They didn’t take flowers, but some of the Apollo missions did take tree seeds up into space and they were then planted around the United States. You’ll find them in Monterey, California, and Olympia, Washington, among others.

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Does this give you some ideas? When have you sent just-because flowers? Tell us in comments!

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