Three special family celebrations in late July

Three special family celebrations in late July

Parents’ Day is the fourth Sunday in July which, this year, is July 24. That also happens to coincide with Cousins’ Day, July 24, and is two days before the July 26 date of Aunts and Uncles Day. Does this give you some ideas for sending some beautiful flowers?

Parents’ Day is a  day to celebrate both your parents together. Why not send them a lovely flower basket that’s customized with all the extras for a special celebration? Add some chocolates and wine and you’re all set. All daFlores flower deliveries are fresh the morning they were sent, so this lovely gesture is bound to make them smile and know they’re appreciated.

Cousins’ Day flowers are also a great and unexpected gift. Whether you only saw your cousins at Christmas or whether they were a regular part of your life, as an adult you may not see them as often as you’d wish. Send some cheerful sunflowers or pink, yellow or orange roses to tell your cousins that you think of them often. They’ll be touched. DaFlores can schedule deliveries every day but Sunday, and our guarantee of quality means that you can order without a worry in the world.

Aunts and Uncles Day flowers are a way to say thanks for that wonderful spoiling you got when you were growing up. If your parents’ siblings always used to slide you that forbidden, extra piece of cake or would take you out to the movies, you’re bound to have fond memories. Why not send your aunt and uncle some flowers? DaFlores can arrange flower delivery across the Americas and in many parts of Europe and Asia too, so just visit our website, and start the easy order process. We will do the rest – in style.

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