Three Dried RosesDry flowers are a long-lasting way to add some color and beauty to your house, and making them is very simple! Dry flowers can be made into wreaths, or placed in a vase as a decorative focal point. Here are some tips and techniques for drying flowers.

Air-drying method of drying flowers

1. Bunch flowers of the same kind together, tying them with string. Try to pick several different varieties.

2. Strip off the lower leaves, but keep the leaves near the head.

3. Hang your flowers upside-down from a clothes rod, coat hanger or anywhere that you have space. A closet is ideal. Make sure the flowers are not touching each other, and also make sure that they will not be disturbed often. If you can keep them in a shaded, dark location, better still.

4. It takes approximately two to four weeks for the flowers to fully dry. Dried flowers are delicate. When you arrange them, make sure you are very gentle.

Take a variety of flowers and tie them into an attractive arrangement with a ribbon, placing in a small vase. This makes an instant, easy gift.

Another way to dry flowers is to use a dessicant, or drying arrangement. This is a little less simple, but preserves the blossoms better.

Dessicant method for drying flowers

1. Line a box with silica gel, fine sand or borax.

2. Place the heads of the flowers face-down in the box. Gently cover more of your drying material (sand, etc.) over the heads until they are covered. You are essentially burying the flowers head-down.

3. Place the box in a dry, warm area for two weeks.

Some additional tips:

Don’t use fully opened flowers.

You can spray your flowers with hairspray to protect them further.

Choose only the best flowers, to avoid preserving imperfections.

We hope you have fun with your dried flower arrangements!

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