Honeybees: Bringing you the best, most beautiful flowers

Honeybees: Bringing you the best, most beautiful flowers

The honeybee is an incredible creature. The hive centers around a queen, who gives life to all the bees. Organized into an amazing system that feeds, nurtures and protects, this beneficial insect provides honey, beeswax and of course flowers. Was there ever such a useful little creature?

Without bees, there would be neither flowers nor fruit. The bees transfer pollen from tree to tree, flower to flower, ensuring a beautiful harmony. In return, the blossoms feed the bees and they feed the human soul, too. It’s true that bees can sting but, if you’ll pardon the pun, they won’t bug you if you don’t bug them. Humans might do well to learn a lesson or two from the way this give-and-take, sharing relationship works. Bee on Yellow Flower

Naturally, daFlores is grateful to the bees. Without them, we wouldn’t be doing what we do: Bringing you the best, most beautiful flower arrangements. Thanks to the honeybee, our florist deliver fresh to you every morning without fail. Our skilled artists create amazing arrangements that bless your loved ones with smiles.

Everything in life is part of a cycle. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s sometimes hard to remember this. We suggest that the next time you spot a bee, you take a moment to sit down and watch it go about its business. Then think about the last time you sent a flower delivery. You’ll get the connection soon enough: It’s oddly soothing.

Watching bees is a little like smelling the roses, and boy do we have roses! Take a moment today to appreciate the simple things in life, whether it’s a furry bumble bee or a slender, efficient honeybee. And if there’s someone on your mind, well, just as a bee brings the beauty of flowers, you can use daFlores to deliver flowers to the doorstep. We’re really good that way.

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