The holidays are coming, and for many of us it’s a bitterly cold time with nothing much of anything growing in the gardens. So what better solution than to fill your home with holiday decorations made from holly, mistletoe and other winter greenery? Bright red berries and sweet delicate mistletoe set the scene for an unforgettable family celebration. Browse the many choices at daFlores and you’ll have everything arranged in no time.


Start with your front door. Guests will be coming and going all season, so greet them with a fresh wreath on your door.  Christmas Wreaths are traditionally made from holiday foliage but can have dried or fresh Christmas flowers woven through as well. Coupled with some glittering baubles there’s no more welcoming way to start a pleasant visit!

Bring your guests inside, and sit them down at your kitchen table. There, you can put a floral centerpiece with a candle and serve up mulled wine and hot drinks. Larger, more elaborate centerpieces can set the scene for your holiday dinners and parties, but a small one in the kitchen makes a lovely, welcoming greeting and helps put you in the mood, too.

Don’t forget your house. A beautiful Christmas tree covered in decorations and lights is part of what makes the season so special. You might pick a different theme each year, or simply cover the tree in mementos of your travels or life. Don’t forget to let the children put their own mark on the tree by making their own ornaments; they’ll treasure these memories and carry them forward into the future.

Garlands strung up make the house festive and welcoming, and tastefully done will draw comments and delight. Or you can set up baskets full of flower arrangements and seasonal poinsettias to add color and variety to the season. There are numerous ways you can dress up your home for the holidays, but always remember: It’s the love with which you decorate that counts the most!

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