Happy Valentine’s Day from daFlores

Happy Valentine’s Day from daFlores

In just an hour or so, Valentine’s Day is coming to the Americas; it’s already there in Europe and Asia. We hope you’ll enjoy this annual festival of love, romance, and friendship, and that you’ve gotten all your dream flowers ordered and on the way. For daFlores.com, this is always an exceptionally busy time of year, but it’s also one of our favorites. The Valentine’s Day holiday has something to offer everyone: What’s not to like in a day dedicated to expressing love?

Valentine's Day wishes from daFlores flower delivery company
DaFlores wishes you a very happy Valentine's Day in 2012! (Image source: Morguefile.com)
Whether you’ve got a family of kids’ party planned or are having a special Valentine’s Day with your beloved, we’re grateful to have you as our customers. We are passionate about flowers, and passionate about making you happy. Not for nothing do we say that we’re in the business of bringing you smiles.

It’s been kind of fun taking our look at the different ways people express their Valentine’s Day wishes. From Girl Scout-led babysitting to trips to see veterans to games (and the daFlores app) you can play on Facebook, there are dozens of non-traditional ways to celebrate the day. We hope you enjoyed the series too, and would love to hear your thoughts.

As we hang up our hats for the nights and our team of expert florists heaves a collective, satisfied sigh, we wish you the best Valentine’s Day ever. Remember, even through this night our team is on hand to assist with your questions. It’s too late to order for Valentine’s Day, but you can arrange day-after flowers or a week-after bonus bouquet. There are as many ways to celebrate this holiday as there are people, and we look forward to serving you with stunning fresh bouquets in the weeks and months to come.

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