Happy Easter to all daFlores readers

Happy Easter to all daFlores readers

Happy Easter to all our readers. We at daFlores would like to wish you all a very beautiful Easter—or whatever else you celebrate on this day. Because Easter is also the same as spring, Passover, solstice, and a whole bunch of other fresh-start holidays. And for some, today is just another day. That’s ok. We wish you a happy March 31, in that case.

For those in the southern hemisphere, all of the above applies, except that it’s now fall, and the days are getting shorter. And that’s ok, too. Diversity is what the world is all about, and it’s one of the things that we at daFlores most relish about our work – seeing the creative ways that our customers use our flowers. It is a privilege to serve you for this reason alone.

Some of you will have begun the day with chocolate eggs, while others are painting Psankys or hiding plastic eggs in gardens or parks for the children. The White House Easter Egg hunt is one of biggest and most fun events, but a quick look around social media will reveal a whole host of events, past and present, done for Easter. (Don’t forget that daFlores has a lively and active Facebook page.)

No matter what you’re doing with your Sunday, we thank those of you who have ordered Easter and spring flowers this year and hope that the weather is getting warm where you are. For those who are now getting colder, we hope the sight of our hand-crafted bouquets has warmed your hearts and your loved ones’ hearts.

If there’s anything we can do for you in the weeks and months ahead, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or get in touch. We’re available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in Spanish and English, by phone, email and chat. We’re there to serve you, and are happy to have the opportunity to do so this Easter, this spring, and every day of the year.

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