3 unusual Halloween flower tips (and a bonus)

3 unusual Halloween flower tips (and a bonus)

October is the month of Halloween, as should be very obvious the minute you walk into any store. Orange is suddenly the color to be seen in, and chocolate the snack of choice. Here at daFlores, we got to thinking about how you can use flowers at Halloween, and we came up with some ideas. Read on for a fun and outside-the-box look at Halloween and flowers.

Tropical flowers and wine arrangementHand them out: Why not get a bouquet of lovely yellow roses and give them away along with the candy? Most children are accompanied by an adult, so you can instruct the kids to pass along the flower. (Why not orange? In the language of roses, orange is for passion, while yellow is for friendship; it’s just safer. Or, you can choose mixed flowers.)

Flower decor: Arrange Halloween flowers on the doorstep or porch to welcome trick-or-treaters. Sure, you’ll want some cottony spider-web and amusing plastic decorations, but a bit of brightness is always a sign that you’re one of the good guys. A fall color wreath on the door is also a welcoming touch.

A Halloween dinner: If you don’t have kids or your kids are too old to trick-or-treat, organize a Halloween dinner party. You can use all the same spooky decorations you’ve had for years, but can also brighten up the dinner table with a vase full of lovely, fall-color flowers.

Here’s a bonus idea: Wear flowers. Hippies, brides and a variety of costumes can be dressed up with lovely flowers. Or you can create a costume around flowers. Only your imagination is the limit.

What ways will you be using flowers this Halloween? Hit reply in the comments and let us know. If you need flower delivery this October 31, you can schedule ahead and save yourself the trouble of remembering when time goes by. Just visit daFlores.com, pick the country, and start working through our easy Halloween steps.

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