Nebraska state flower: Goldenrod

Nebraska state flower: Goldenrod

Nebraska’s state flower is the goldenrod, which happens to be the same flower as Kentucky. As we already covered Kentucky in our state flowers series, we’ll take a look at the state tree, the pretty cottonwood, and the state grass, the little bluestem. (It seems appropriate, after all, that this prairie state has an official state grass.)

Beautiful sunflower delivery for springLet’s start with the tree. Specifically, the eastern cottonwood, Populus deltoides, is the state tree of Nebraska, Wyoming and Texas. This deciduous tree is found beside rivers, and it’s considered a hardwood, though its wood is actually quite soft. These cottonwoods can grow up to about 130 feet tall, and provide leafy shade wherever they are found.

The seeds come on catkins which, in turn, hang on cotton-like threads that let them catch a breeze and spread far and wide. This, of course, is what gives the cottonwood its name. They grow quickly, and are used for lower-grade wood purposes such as crates and pallets. On a more poetic level, artists often use the bark for carving art.

We now move on to little bluegrass, a grass that has a blue shade in spring, grows in clumps, and is found across the great prairies of America. It grows up to three feet high, and by fall is moving towards red as it dies down for the winter. Again, Nebraska shares its state grass with Kansas.

The goldenrod gives its name to a color, a kind of warm yellow with a blush of orange. It’s a pretty, bright color, and worthy of the states that use it as their symbol. While you won’t find goldenrod, little bluegrass or twigs in our bouquets, daFlores has a wide range of beautiful golden bouquets that you can send world-wide.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this latest installment in our state flower series and look forward to sharing more with you next time!

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