Get Spring Flower Inspiration From Garden Tours

Get Spring Flower Inspiration From Garden Tours

Garden tours are starting to crop up (if you’ll pardon our pun) all over the place now. For a fee that generally goes to charity, you can poke around in people’s private and glorious gardens, meeting the owners if you’re lucky and, at the very least, coming out with a bunch of new ideas.

Get ideas for your home with garden tours
Get ideas for your home with garden tours (image via Morguefile)
Garden tours in spring are as traditional as historic house tours at Christmas. They just go with the season. We’ve been looking around and seeing themed tours such as historic garden tours (we assume the houses are more historic than the gardens) and native plant tours. If you want to know what will grow in your neighborhood, that’s a pretty good place to begin.

Some of the more unusual choices: a garden made using 1906 earthquake rubble. (Yes, that would be the California Bay Area.) Kitchen tours. Hidden garden tours. Whatever rocks your boat, we think you’ll find a garden tour to suit you and while away a lovely, scented, pretty weekend.

If you’re looking for something lovely and scented, you don’t have to wait for a walking tour or a weekend. DaFlores delivers lovely, scented, fresh flowers daily except Sundays. (We sometimes make exceptions to Sunday rules at our busiest times, like the upcoming Mother’s Day.)

Our flowers are picked fresh every morning so that they stay fresh a week or longer. Tend them as lovingly as your garden and they may just surprise you.

Whether you’re planning a garden or planning a Mother’s Day surprise, daFlores has all the options you need.

Just look around, see what’s in the local paper, and find a garden tour to support local nonprofits and get some ideas. Then come home, visit, and see what ideas we can give you for beautiful flower delivery.

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