Flowers in your hair

Flowers in your hair

There probably isn’t anyone over the age of about 20 who hasn’t heard the song “San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers in Your Hair).” In fact, we just bet even hearing the title gives you an earworm. The famous song, crooned by Scott McKenzie in 1967, has become a symbol of the flower power movement and hippie era. It was also credited with bringing tens of thousands of young people to the city of San Francisco, culminating with the Summer of Love.

Golden Gate BridgeWe were saddened to hear that Scott McKenzie passed away earlier this week. He was only 73 years old. If there was ever a man who knew the power that flowers can have in peace-keeping and just plain gentleness, that was he.

The San Francisco song was penned by John Phillips of The Mamas and the Papas, another California staple. McKenzie left Virginia to go join “the movement” and also sang with the above-mentioned group for a while in the 1980s and 1990s.

Flowers have been scientifically proven to calm people down and make them nicer to one another. Their colors and scent are soothing and relaxing. While many of the hippies dropped out of school and the hippie movement degenerated towards the end, those young people were full of the kind of hope that was expressed in the song: “You’re sure to find some gentle people there.”

In a world that sometimes seems crazy and not at all gentle, flowers can still make a difference. The daFlores experts are always on hand to help you bring that kind of comfort to your loved ones. Our service is Mexico flower delivery made easy—not to mention flower delivery made easy in all the countries we serve.

Scott McKenzie made a world of difference with his songs and those words echo down through the decades. DaFlores flowers will make a world of difference to your loved one.

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