Gardens make life better

Gardens make life better

Flowers have been introduced to a southern English park in an effort to reduce crime—and it’s worked. The flower garden was funded by a £5,000 police grant and has gone far already to prove that beautifying an area can do wonders for morale and a general sense of peace.

A lovely sunflower arrangement from daFloresThe flower garden is in St. Andrew’s Park in Bristol, in southwest England, not far from Wales. Local residents have reported that everyone takes pictures of the flowers and it’s become gorgeous in just a matter of weeks. Instead of being anti-social, adults and children alike have come to the park and started just being, well—mellow.

Local residents had previously suffered drunkenness, noise and rowdiness, much of which has been reduced. We would say “who knew”–but we knew, and it’s long been documented that flowers have an effect on people. Raise the bar, and people will rise with it.

The flower garden has been funded for three years, which will be plenty of time to do some research and get some data. Hopefully then, other gardens will follow suit. Almost 15,000 seeds were planted by volunteers; perhaps soon they will get some bulbs in there, too, to catch the spring even earlier.

Do you have any flower gardens near you? Do you experience a sense of peace when you go there? We love to hear about local initiatives to plant flowers and make people’s lives better. As florists, we believe that’s a big part of what we do, too.

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