Flowers on the water mark the start of National Domestic Violence Month

Flowers on the water mark the start of National Domestic Violence Month

October is National Domestic Violence Month, a time that’s being used to heighten awareness of the social problem of domestic violence and its effects on the victims. One community in Indiana started off its observance with a solemn ritual that included throwing flowers down into a river. Around 30 members of local community groups took handful of flowers and tossed them into St. Mary’s River.

Lovely tulips (via local paper said that 62 people died from domestic violence over the previous year in Indiana, and the local shelter served more than 700 individuals. More than 4,000 rang the crisis hotline for help. The flowers symbolized those victims and the quiet ritual was as much a memorial service as the creating of awareness.
One of the YWCA’s representatives told the media that each flower symbolized a life making the transition from victim to survivor. They are symbols of growth, strength and remembrance. They show the many ways flowers can make a difference in somebody’s life.
Flowers can heal, and they can make a statement. If you know somebody who’s been affected by domestic violence, you can honor them by taking part in events near you. Check your local media for events. The Indiana groups will be running events through the month.
Don’t be afraid to reach out to somebody who might be in trouble. You could save a life or give them a future. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence ( has several ideas, programs and education about what to do.

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