Honoring cousins, aunts and uncles

Honoring cousins, aunts and uncles

Cousins’ Day is coming up on July 24th—just one week from today. If you’re anything like us, your cousins might not have lived just next door, but they were always a strong part of the family. Cousins offer a different perspective on life; different parents, different home, but still the same clan. So what better time than Cousins’ Day to show some appreciation of those family members?

Tropical flowers and wine arrangementWithout aunts and uncles, there would be no cousins, so it makes logical sense that Aunts’ and Uncles’ Day is two days later, on the 26th of July. If your cousins happen to be living at home, that’s easy; you just need one address to send flowers to that particular branch. If not, well, you’ll have to make your decision depending on who gets the gifts, especially if you come from a big family.

You can send cards for Cousins’ Day and Aunts and Uncles Day, of course; that’s an inexpensive way of greeting everyone. Emails work; daFlores has a wonderful virtual flower-sending app by way of our Facebook page. Or you can just pick up the phone and catch up. That works too.

If you’re lucky enough to be somewhere that your entire family is together, this is a good time to throw a family party and bring in as many family members as you can fit around a table. Any excuse for a family gather is a good one, and you have a ready-built one next week. Aunts’ and Uncles’ Day actually falls at the weekend, so that might even be the better date.

Will you be doing anything for Cousins’ Day or Aunts’ and Uncles’ Day? Do you have a small, compact family, or a big, sprawling one? We’d love to hear you talk about your aunts and uncles and cousins in the comments. Let us know!

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