Onam festival in India is a big flowery deal

Onam festival in India is a big flowery deal

The Onam festival is a huge harvest festival in the Indian state of Kerala. Flowers play an enormous part in the Onam festival, including the creation of several flower carpets. In a way, this is also a new year celebration that falls in a month that roughly corresponds to August-September. The 10-day festival celebrates a specific Vishnu legend and the 2012 festival is about to begin.

JasmineThe festival combines the celebration of the rice harvest and the Festival of the Rain Flowers. The legendary King Mahabal is said to have visited Earth annually at this time from his place in the underworld. When the king was alive is, according to legend, the golden age of Kerala. That’s why the festival is so huge and so colorful and brings people of Kerala together.

Food also plays a large part in the festival of Onam. A nine-course feast, the Onasadya, is prepared for guests to enjoy. Other celebrations include playing games and running a boat race. But the most eye-catching of all the features is the creation of flower elaborate carpets, which tell stories or just delight the eye.

We found it interesting to see a news story from India that said most of the flowers for Onam came from the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu. At this late hour, flower prices have suddenly shot up, leaving carpet-creators a bit short on cash. While daFlores doesn’t put our prices up at holidays, we certainly understand the laws of supply and demand. The sooner your order for special events, the better chances you have.

Flowers in high demand at this time include globe amaranth, crossandra, marigold, chrysanthemum roses and jasmine. Think of those for just a moment and imagine the aroma! Local art clubs and businesses lay out a flower carpet (pookkalam) to welcome the festival-goers. The flower carpets grow daily as the festival progresses.

DaFlores doesn’t operate in India yet, but we do serve plenty of other regions. Send flowers to Venezuela with daFlores, for example, and you can carpet your own loved ones with blossoms. We hope you’ve enjoyed this quick look at a different flower festival in a different part of the world.

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