Fighting crime with flowers

Fighting crime with flowers

Have you ever heard of flowers chasing off criminals—at least, outside of science fiction movies with gruesome, monstrous blooms on pod-legs? That’s one effect of floral decor, a neighborhood in Frankfort, Indiana, is claiming. The idea is that the nicer a place looks, the less appealing it is to the underbelly of society: the drug dealers, the graffiti “artists,” and all the rest. And flowers can help.

Mixed flower basket: Roses and gerberasAnd it’s not just a fad. According to the local paper, the police chief actually came and talked to residents about how sprucing up their area could help fight crime. The more painting is done, the more flowers planted, the less the undesirables will want to come round, because they stand out. And that’s the last thing they want.

Residents apparently agree with the idea, as the turnout was bigger than planned. And the logic is certainly there; you’d think that a chief of police knew what he was talking about when he made the suggestion. So I guess, in the end, the idea of “monstrous” flowers chasing away people isn’t so far-fetched, it’s that it’s really the other way round; the flowers are beautiful, the monsters are those who can’t come round any more.

Does your part of the world draw any parallels between the number of planted gardens and crimes, neighborhood revitalization and the removal of wrong types? We know that when we go visiting our many florists, flowers are everywhere, as a sign of civic and national pride. No matter how small the space—a windowsill, a garden or a balcony—flowers both welcome and make a statement.

If you want to welcome someone or make a statement, you can turn to daFlores for your own beautiful flower delivery across dozens of countries. But if you want to fight crime, get together with your neighbors and plant a few bulbs. You might be surprised.

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