Flower gardens for fall

Flower gardens for fall

This time of year is typically when people start to wind down their flower gardens, but in many of the milder climates you can grow flowers right through into November. Some flowers look delicate, but are actually quite hardy. If you want your garden to grow beautiful flowers later than you expected, you can pay a visit to your local garden center and ask what will grow locally. Below are some suggestions.

Spring basket flower arrangementPansies look delicate, but they’re actually quite tough and can flower through November. Protect them in planters and they’ll serve you well on windowsills, which can reflect warmth, and on your patio. They come in lots of different shades and are a welcome addition to any garden.

Asters can grow either as perennials or you can treat them as annuals. Just let them carry on blooming until they’re done, then dig them into the garden for next year’s crop of color.

If you dead-head dianthus, they can last longer than you thought. This dead-heading technique—pinching off dead flowers—is a presevation practice that you can use with many flowers, especially the kind that explode up out of clumps of foliage.

Marigolds don’t particularly like the warm heat of summer, but like the golden things that they are, they match fall colors quite well. They tolerate some frost and can give you pretty smiles into the later part of the year.

Of course, you can also grow your flowers in a greenhouse, or bring them inside for a bit of nurturing or color. But if you can’t or don’t want to grow a fall garden, you can add color to your home with fall flowers from daFlores.

We have traditional golds and warm tones that match the season, or you can go with something brighter to remind you of the summer and get you in the mood for the holidays—and all delivered directly to the door.

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