Fall color and flowers

Fall color and flowers

Depending on where you are in the country, leaf peeping season is just starting, or it’s well underway. If you’re lucky, bright sunshine will heighten the vivid golds and reds that fall brings, before the leaves end up rustling underfoot. If you’re not so lucky, drenching rain makes this time of year a little unpleasant, but the sight of changing foliage is pretty, and marks the start of the holidays.

Christmas flowers: Festive holiday wreathWhen leaves stop producing green chlorophyll, they turn different colors and start to fall off. The growing season is over; everything goes dormant until the spring. The switch gives us a visual treat that’s a symbol of fall and changing seasons. If you’re a gardener, you can recycle the leaves as mulch or compost, ready for the spring.

Local news stations and different states have reports on where to see the best fall color. The higher elevations turn first, with each segment changing and ending with the valleys and flatlands. You can also look at forest and government sites for detailed descriptions of what to expect.

In the United States, the East Coast is seen as the best place to leaf-peep, and it’s even developed tourist trails for you to follow. But you can see changing leaves everywhere it’s fall; in the United Kingdom, some areas might not reach peak until November, and Canada is famous for its red maple leaves.

Will you be doing some leaf-peeping this year? What are the best areas? Tell us more in the comments, below.

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