Taking the holiday season into the rest of the year

Taking the holiday season into the rest of the year

Epiphany, or Twelfth Night, will soon be upon us. In Christian tradition, January 6th marks the date the Three Wise Men finally reached Bethlehem and gave frankincense, myrrh and gold to the Baby Jesus. In modern times, it is also the day that officially marks the end of the holiday season, and on which all the decorations must come down. That makes things a little dull and deflated, we find, so it’s important to take the lesson of the Epiphany into the rest of January and beyond.

Mixed flower basket: Roses and gerberasJanuary 6th is a time of great hope and celebration. It is a feeling, a state of mind, that we can carry into the New Year and take with us all year long. When we dig below the thrills and frills of Christmas and the New Year, when the party animal has gone to sleep, there is still the core message of renewal and fresh starts. We can make a fresh start any time of year because of it.

As the stores fill with Valentine’s Day red, the snow is still blowing in the northern hemisphere and there’s little hope of warm weather. We can look forward to the spring and warmer climes, or we can live in the moment and enjoy every minute, every little celebration. Gifts come in many forms, and the best are gifts from the heart.

If you know someone who’s feeling a little dull and down at the end of the season, try sending them some flowers, delivered to the door. The bright, cheerful blossoms trump the time of year and send your own message of brightness and light. Friendship is a beautiful thing, and just-because flowers do the trick. Try to remember that spirit of giving and gratitude throughout the year, and you’ll be able to keep the Christmas spirit intact, as originally meant, through the whole of 2014.

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