daFlores – How to Preserve Flowers

daFlores – How to Preserve Flowers

9 Easy Ways to Keep Flowers Fresh

You come home from a stressful day of work, dragging your feet and yawning your way up the stairs. Before kicking off your shoes and making yourself comfortable, you spot a stunning bouquet lying on the bed. Suddenly filled with appreciation and pure, indescribable happiness, you look up to see your significant other smiling behind it. There is nothing more beautiful than a fresh bouquet of blooms chosen just for you by the man, or woman, you love. Of course you want this token of adoration to stay alive as long as possible. Learn how to preserve your flowers with creative methods that utilize ingredients you can find in your pantry and easy techniques that require minimal effort.

Fresh Flowers from your Sweetheart

Getting Creative: How to Preserve Flowers with Common Kitchen Products

Soda as Flower Food

  • You owe me a Coke Soda tasting a bit flat? Add it to the water for your flowers. The acidic nature of the drink causes the water to move up the stem of the flower faster, while sugar acts as flower food. Together, the ingredients help increase the life span of your blooms. Splash a quarter cup of your carbonated beverage into your vase, and enjoy your beautiful flowers longer than expected. Lemon-lime sodas work best.

Preserve Flowers with Alcohol

  • Let’s get tipsy Alcohol discourages your plants from producing ethylene, the gas that causes your fresh blooms to wilt. Introduce a teaspoon of vodka to every liter of water in your vase every three days for optimal preservation. Pay close attention to your measurements. In order to keep your flowers alive, you must not test their limits.
  • Your flowers need to primp Give your buds a quick spritz with your hair spray for a good-as-new update. Make sure to stand about a foot from the arrangement while spraying.


  • A spoonful of sugar… Create your own flower food with vinegar, sugar, and water! Just add 2 tablespoons of apple cider or white vinegar and 2 tablespoons of sugar to the water in your vase for longer lasting arrangements. The vinegar provides antibacterial properties to the plant.
  • Minty fresh If your vase is opaque, and you don’t mind a minty perfume masking the scent of your floral arrangement, try pouring a cap full of mouthwash into a liter of water. The bacteria-killing benefits of the mouthwash will keep your plant looking fresh and lively longer.
  • For the germophobics If you are feeling a little ambitious, or prefer your flowers squeaky clean, try adding bleach to your floral arrangement. A liter of water requires just a quarter of a teaspoon of bleach. Treating your bouquet once every three days should keep your water clean and your flowers bacteria-free. While your florals are not used to the chemicals and might look slightly wilted the first day, their appearance should improve two-fold by the following day, and the hues will remain vibrant into day five.

A Few Quick Tips to Keeping Your Flowers Fresh (without the Science Project)

  • General hygiene Make a habit of replacing the water in your vase every other day.
  • Bust the myth Contrary to popular belief, direct sunlight will actually decrease your blooms’ longevity. Choose a spot in your home that is not prone to drafts and clear from intense brightness.
  • Cold-blooded Having company? Keep your bouquet in the fridge before your guests arrive. Or, just place your arrangement in your refrigerator before you go to sleep each night. Colder climates preserve flowers longer. This method is often considered the most promising at keeping flowers alive.

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