DaFlores has reached 800,000 Facebook Likes

DaFlores has reached 800,000 Facebook Likes

Blink and you’d miss it—DaFlores just welcomed our 800,000th Like on our Facebook page and have since added another four thousand Likes in just a matter of days! It hardly seems possible that in such a few short years we’ve built our fan club up to four-fifths of a million people…and we consider that the ultimate vote of confidence from our customers. Thank you, very much, to all of you who’ve liked our Facebook page and take part in the ongoing dialog between we, the florists, and you.

DaFlores has 800k Likes on FacebookWe made a conscious decision to embrace social media, because it’s where you are. Our goal is to give the best customer service, so it was a very logical choice to be there. You’ve helped us grow our business with your support and, especially, through your feedback. To us, that’s a win-win, because when we understand your needs, we can serve you much better.

For those of you who haven’t joined daFlores on Facebook yet, you might like to know that we have our very own Facebook app, which allows you to send free virtual flowers to your loved ones, any time you please. We also keep a close eye on our comments in case you want to get in touch with us that way, and we run frequent giveaways, contests and promotions. We figure that if you’ve honored us by joining in, we can help you out as well.

With our commitment to service and being where our customers need us to be, daFlores is proud of what we’ve accomplished. And we at daFlores never forget that without you, none of this would have happened, so we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for joining us on Facebook and in this blog, and for trusting us with your international flower deliveries.

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