daFlores.com wishes you a Happy Halloween

daFlores.com wishes you a Happy Halloween

Halloween flowers: Hopefully, the things that go bump in the night won’t be your daFlores flowers! One of the more fun holidays, Halloween is a festival of ghosts and ghouls and small children draped in sheets. Whether you love to make your own kids’ costumes or like to visit Halloween warehouses to pick out the perfect trick-or-treat, daFlores wishes you a happy Halloween.

















Halloween flowers at parties and to say thank-you


If you’re hosting a Halloween party this year, we have a few suggestions for decorating with Halloween flowers. Fall-themed colors are orange and yellow, and you’ll find those shades in gerbera daisies, sunflowers and roses. There are no romantic connotations to yellow roses, so you can safely order a selection and use them in funky Halloween vases, thus bringing a little sweetness to the table. Or you can create a Halloween flower feature by placing a vase or two outside your front porch with a beautifully carved pumpkin.


Our fall collections are starting to come in now, and they make ideal Halloween flowers. Pick the country where you want them to be delivered and look through our bronzes and golds. Kids can get together to send mom some Halloween flowers or you can simply use them to brighten up the longer evenings.


daFlores.com guarantees week-long freshness for all our Halloween flowers


Regardless of the occasion, our guarantee that they’ll stay fresh a week or longer applies. While we don’t recommend filling the vase with candy, don’t forget that a little sugar or cut flower powder goes a long way towards extending the life of your Halloween flowers.


DaFlores delivers Halloween flowers right until October 31, but we’d suggest ordering early to avoid disappointments. If you let our florists plan ahead, they can get in supplies and make sure you get exactly what you ordered. Take care of this detail and we’re happy to say that our flowers aren’t ghosts: They’re a welcome and lovely addition to your Halloween decor.

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