Cupid on Valentine’s Day

Cupid on Valentine’s Day

When you see that little cherub with the wings, you’re seeing the son of Venus, goddess of love and of Mars, god of war. In classic Greek artwork he isn’t such a chubby little thing; he’s depicted as a gorgeous winged youth, ready to pierce your heart with an arrow. And that’s the gist of Cupid, of course, whether he’s a cutesy little figure seen alongside your Valentine’s Day flowers, or a full-blown classic statue in a museum. His graceful bow is always ready to shoot that arrow of love.

Love comes from nowhere, like a bolt of lightning. Love is blind, but once you have it, it needs to be nurtured. Valentine’s Day flowers are one way to do that, but of course there are many more. Cupid’s gift is a precious one, not to be given away lightly.


That matching between Venus and Mars in an interesting one. While Cupid got his mother’s loving nature, he received the tendency to attack from his war-like father. Cupid’s arrow may not always be convenient, and often in the end leads to heartache. Social mores have traditionally taken precedence over sheer human emotion, to the detriment of hearts everywhere. But Cupid is what he is, capricious and sweet, so just go with the flow and see where he take you.

Cupid suffered the same fate in his own way. Ordered by Venus to punish her rival Psyche, Cupid was supposed to make her fall in love with a horrible monster. He fell in love with her, instead, but she didn’t follow his instructions and he left in anger. Jupiter took pity upon her and turned her into an immortal, where she eventually married Cupid and became the goddess of the soul. Their daughter was Voluptus or Hedone—sheer pleasure.

If you want to give sheer pleasure to your sweetheart, take a tip from the family of Greek gods. Send Valentine’s Day flowers and never, ever take your gift for granted. Love is like a flower that will always need to be nourished. With Valentine’s Day flowers, you can do just that.  For International Flower Delivery please visit

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