Connecticut’s state flower is the mountain laurel

Connecticut’s state flower is the mountain laurel

We continue our series on state flowers and symbols with Connecticut, the third smallest state by area in the United States. Not daunted by size, the state of Connecticut has chosen the mountain laurel, Kalmia latiflora, as its state flower. It also has a state tree, the charter oak.

Mountain laurelThe mountain laurel is distinguished by its delightful pale pink, bell-shaped blossoms. Part of the blueberry family, the shrub was adopted officially in 1907. The plant doesn’t just grow in Connecticut; its range stretches from southern Maine to northern Florida, and as far west as Louisiana and Indiana. It’s interesting to note that mountain laurel is also the state flower of Pennsylvania.

Mountain laurel is evergreen and grows from nine to about 27 feet tall. It’s also quite poisonous, though certainly pretty. In their natural state flowers are white or pale pink with pink highlights, but cultivated versions have brought out that pink to make the flowers a darker shade of pink. Regardless, these are delicate flowers that you’re not too likely to find in your next Peru flower delivery…not to mention flowers sent to Connecticut.

The wood of mountain laurel is hard and suitable for small crafting projects like wreaths and decorative clocks. According to the state website, though, this laurel was chosen because of its beautiful blossoms. They contrast with the green fields that so typify the area.

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