State flowers: The state flower of Colorado is the rocky mountain columbine

State flowers: The state flower of Colorado is the rocky mountain columbine

The state flower of Colorado is the rocky mountain columbine. This lavender beauty goes by lots of different names, ranging from its Latin name Aquilegia saximontana to the alpine columbine, alpine dwarf columbine, or the dwarf blue columbine. While it’s called blue in its name, the color of blossoms is actually lavender and white.

Columbine: The state flower of ColoradoThis pretty little flower is part of the buttercup family, which immediately highlights the wonderfulness of flowers, how their colors vary so much from bright yellow to blue. You’ll find it no lower than 10,800 feet and as high as 13,000 feet, meaning it’s a true mountain bloom. There’s actually some confusion over which species is the official state flower, but the original documentation called for a lavender and white flower.

This plant’s cousin, Aquilegia caerulea var. caerulea, has blue and white flowers and is considered by some to be the official species. Either way, they’re cousins and so similar only a true botanist could tell them apart. And there’s plenty of documentation to support the lavender-colored version of the columbine.

Like most alpines, columbines are too delicate to put in flower arrangements, but if your lungs are up to the hike, you can see them in their amazing natural environment. The Rocky Mountains are indisputably the highest national park in the United States and among its most spectacular. But if it’s flowers for your table and your loved one that you need, daFlores is the place to turn.

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