Color and flowers to knock your socks off

Color and flowers to knock your socks off

A story about the Callaway Gardens in Georgia caught our attention: One of the people featured in the article said that, in spring, the azaleas had “colors to knock your socks off.” Colors to knock your socks off is something we provide when you send flowers to Colombia, Mexico and beyond. Our garden-fresh flowers were growing the morning we arranged them, and we won’t work with partner florists unless they promise that level of freshness. It’s how daFlores can keep on promising that your flower  delivery will last at least a week.

Callaway GardensCallaway Gardens opened in 1952. The founder, Cason Callaway, was a textiles millionaire and figured that all children should be able to see something so beautiful they’d never forget it. He donated 2,500 acres of land and got started on a huge park that had azalea gardens, a variety of different habitats and even a golf course or two. Since then, it’s grown to 13,000 acres.

At, we  want to provide you and the world with that level of beauty. We’re not in the business of building gardens, but we are in the business of filling your homes with gorgeous, colorful blooms. Whatever the occasion, birthday, anniversary or just-because, we have the yellows, pinks and purples you require. Vivid sunflowers, delicate pink lilies and a host of roses from snow white to blood red (not to mention peach, lilac, orange and yellow) are all at your fingertips.

Callaway Gardens is a four-season park. We are a four-season florist. We deliver flowers for every major holiday and quite a few minor ones too. From Christmas poinsettias to Easter-time lilies, daFlores is your source for satisfaction-guaranteed color, beauty and freshness. And, while you have to visit the gardens yourself, with a flower delivery, those beautiful garden flowers come straight to your door.

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