Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month

Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month starts on September 15, the independence day for five different Latin American countries. Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador all declared independence on September 15, 1821.

It’s because of this fact, and of other South American countries also celebrating independence days during September, that Ronald Reagan signed the month into law in 1988.

The National Hispanic Heritage Month lasts a full 30 days, ending on October 15. Through the United States, many celebrations are held and South American heroes honored. Schools run special classes and programs. Museums, like the Smithsonian, put on special displays. If you detect a theme here, it’s that this time of year is special.

DaFlores has its roots in Colombia, of course, and we started off as a company that worked within the Americas. We’ve grown in leaps and bounds, and are now expanding into Europe and Asia. We honor the over 48 million people of Hispanic heritage who now live in the United States.

While the national celebrations focus on the famous people, the movers-and-shakers and the groups of people who suffered hardships and fought for liberties, we at home can honor our own families’ movers and shakers too. Is there a teacher in your community who has fought hard for education and understanding? Has a local ombudsman gone the extra mile? Consider thanking these people with a personal note and token of appreciation.

At daFlores, we have a wide selection of all-occasion flowers that would be a perfect way to say thanks. Tropical flowers, gift baskets and more are all perfectly appropriate. White and yellow roses are all there to show honor and appreciation. A bottle of wine can be enjoyed at a later date; while our flowers are guaranteed to stay fresh for a week, it’s nice to have something left over to enjoy at the end. To send flowers to Colombia or any other country in the Americas please visit daFlores.com

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